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Names on tombstones in cemetery on Vigneron Farm -

French Settlement along Niagara Falls Blvd in Town of Tonawanda, NY

The following list of names read from tombstones in the old French Settlement Cemetery on Niagara Falls Blvd was found by myself in a letter written to a former pastor of St Francis Catholic Church in the City of Tonawanda by a W. A. Larkin or Sarkin. The letter was apparently written at a time when the future of the old cemetery was being considered. It seems that some time later, the cemetery was closed up and the bodies were removed to other Catholic Cemeteries - probably St Francis Cemetery in the City of Tonawanda and North Bush Cemetery in the Town of Tonawanda.

Accuracy and / or completeness of the list is totally unknown. There is no date on the list - probably sometime between 1930 and 1950. I have added to the alphabetized list what I expect are the correct spellings of some of the surnames with references to the corresponding variant spellings. Here is the list:

Coasey, Sophia - died 24 Sep 1854, age 1y 2d
Dean, Adelaid M - died 20 Aug 1861, age 11 months
Deck, Henry - died 19 Dec 1864, age 1y 1m 14d
Dehn - see Dean
Dentistle, Benjamin - died 20 Feb 1874, age 49y
Grennon, John - died 9 Aug 1863, age 73y
Grennon, Margaret - died 17 Feb 1863, age 68y
Grop, Catherine - died 1 March 1856, age 32y
Kern, Christian - died 15 March 1859, age 29y 11m 6d
Kropp - see Grop
Mischler, Rosine Barbara - died Jan 75 **see note below
Schininger, Joseph - died 31 Dec 1857
Schininger, his wife - died 25 Jan 1856
Schwinger - see Schininger
Starek, Michael - died 1860, age 21y 6m
Velia - see Vellea and Veile
Vellea, Harriet E - died 25 Nov 1873, age 5m, 14d
Vellea, Anna M - died 8 March 1870, age 1yr
Vellea, Joseph - died 15 Jul 1867, age 1yr
Vellea, Paul - died 27 Apr 1867, age 59y
Veile, Peter - died 15 Aug 1852, age 10m 11d
Veile, Joseph - died 1 May 1859, age 15 days
Veile, Mary - died 5 Sept 1863, age 3yr
Vincent, Barbara - died 20 Jan 1868, age 78yrs
Vincent, German - died 13 Jan 1865, age 81 yrs
Vincent, Rosanna - died 29 May 1851, age 19y 8m

** this one entry was not on the list, but I found it as the sole mentioned inscription for this cemetery in a booklet entitled School Houses and Cemeteries - Town of Tonawanda, 1932.